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How to Fly
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Welcome all ye who wish to fly!
We are the Flying Pigs, an underground organisation, based in Sheffield, England.
There are 8 of us, ranking from me (the boss) down to the underdog:
1. Ronney (me)
2. Jabbo (the ladies' man)
3. Ninety-Ribbons (the hippie)
4. Wednesday (the violent one)
5. Gorwl (the depressive jerk)
6. Robby (the gullible jerk)
7. Jinx (even born on April 1st)
8. Tippo (the drunk)

Mixing a Coctail the Colour of the Pigs
Don't ask me - it was Gorwl's challenge

If you want to contact us, e-mail me, Ronney Dulmorris, at
Don't you DARE say "Oink oink" to me. You will perish and die.

Fools live, fools die. Ignore the process.

Don't deny that pigs may fly!